7 Reasons Why You’ll Regret Reading This Click Bait Article

1) You’ve been had! There’s no nudity here, pal. Why don’t you go out and try ogling a real woman and not a JPEG.

2) The arttickle is pourly spelled and gramamatically, in accurate? The awther of this arttickle is cleerly a moorron, and yet u’ve just lined his pockets bye clickin’ on this rubish.

3) You will find no gossip or factually spurious information about any celebrity here, no Kardashians, no Kanye, no Bieber, no Beyonce, no Jay-z and definitely no Andrius Mamontovas.

4) You will also not find any miracle fads to help you lose weight, fatty.

5) You’re too late. This article used to feature the greatest viral video ever made. It contained everything the internet loves, adorable family pets, a baby, an over the top rant/review on a movie, and an outrageous prank by a man-child played on an unsuspecting woman, resulting in a side-splitting scene of chaos. However, the video has been taken down due to a copyright claim by Charles Manson Inc.

6) Reading this article will not tell you how to earn $5,000 a day by sitting on your butt at home.

7) And finally, this article contains a large advertisement for an erectile dysfunction product.



Turn around. See that person behind you? They’re not looking over at you anymore but they were looking over at you a moment ago. If you had turned around a second sooner you would have caught them peeking at what you’re reading. They saw you musing over the big ad for the erectile dysfunction product and so they now assume you have a problem with your Henry Winkler.

Now ask yourself, was reading this article worth it?

Written by Glen Damien Campbell

Glen Damien Campbell

Glen Damien Campbell is a writer of humor and horror. His work has appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines, these include Something Wicked Vol. One, 100 Doors to Madness, ODDisms, Bumps in the Road and Hybrid Moments: A Literary Tribute to the Misfits.