Alternate ways of paying for the wall

Now that Mexico has refused to pay for the wall that the Trump Administration plans to build along the U.S. border with Mexico, U.S. officials have begun exploring alternate ways of paying for the $12 billion-$15 billion price tag:.


Raise cost of the Taco Bowl at Trump Tower to $10 million. 

Levy a “Wall Tax” of $1,000 on journalists every time they ask a question about the wall.

 Waterboard random Mexican-looking people until they cough up their pesos.

 Get another loan, I mean a first-ever loan, from Russia.

 Place “Alternate Facts Jars” around the White House for the President and staff members to deposit a quarter every time they speak an alternate fact. 

Start a pool on the day and time that the Impeachment comes down. 

Rent out the vacant seat on the Supreme Court. 

Sell the Washington Monument on eBay.

 Just build the damn thing and stiff the contractors.

Photo Illustration by Christopher Hough

Written by Les East

Les East

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