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French Kiss 2: Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Lost in Italy

After the inaugural meeting for the G7 Summit, young and lithe politicians Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron steal away to a private garden in Taormina, Sicily to have a more intimate conversation. (The dialogue that follows is spoken in french, aka the language of love). Macron: I wasn’t sure you’d come. I know how afraid […]


A Comprehensive Advisory System Based On Sean Spicer’s Standing Patterns As Devised By Homeland Security

Feet straight ahead, eyes forward, hands not on podium: A relatively calm, slow day at the White House. So far no one’s been fired, and the President’s only tweeted twice about not colluding with Russia and once about voter fraud. One foot pointed forward, the other angled to the side, eyes downcast, one hand in […]