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My TripAdvisor

“Had Reservations Before We Made Reservations” ★★☆☆☆ Reviewed 11 months ago Bob is not someone to travel with. Or date. With so many choices, there is simply no reason to. Our fourth and last date was a 7 hr. trip to a Maine bed & breakfast. The car was not clean. I don’t ask for […]


Trump’s Olympic Demonstration Sports

Ratings for the 2016 Olympics were way down from the London 2012 games. GOP candidate Donald Trump stated he could easily rectify that with his ideas for new Olympic sports: Building Climbing “More people were watching that wing-nut race up my building than women’s gymnastics and Rachel Ray, combined.” Nascar Racing “The problem with the […]


So You’re Thinking of Symbolically Adopting an Elephant

It may be the biggest decision in your life. If it is, consider yourself very lucky. Nevertheless, you should learn about the basic procedures to better prepare yourself for the sometimes long and emotional process of symbolically adopting an elephant from the initial decision to receiving the good news you are a symbolic parent and […]