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Most Anticipated New Reality Shows

Extreme Vetting  Join America’s most extreme veterinarian, Dr. Jack Williams, as he pays house calls to the animal kingdom’s deadliest patients, including a saltwater crocodile with a life threatening arrhythmia and a rattlesnake with hemorrhoids. Animal Planet, Fridays 8/7c Bad Ombres Hair stylist to the stars, Ted Gibson, is on the hunt for America’s worst […]


An Open Letter to Chad, the Bag Boy

Look Chad, we need to talk about your performance. But if you’ll hear me out, maybe we can come to an understanding. I’m talking about an arrangement that will benefit us both. You see, I get it. I know there’s literally nothing you wouldn’t rather be doing than spending your Sunday afternoon schlepping my Boar’s […]


2017 Ethics: Punching a Nazi and Other Acceptable Acts

Punching a Nazi Putting an empty milk carton back into a fascist’s refrigerator Inviting a skinhead to an Amway party Tickling a Twitter troll Adding a bigot’s e-mail address to the Bed, Bath and Beyond mailing list Carjacking a climate change denier Taking a mansplainer to a Sarah McLachlan concert Subtweeting a big game hunter Revealing Westworld […]


BuzzFeed for Dads

19 Nose Hair Trimmers Guaranteed To Spice Up Your Love Life. 27 Billy Joel Lyrics That Are Relatable AF. 14 Tweets That Only Those With An Adjustable Rate Mortgage Will Find Funny. Can We Guess Why Your Back Hurts Based On These 7 Sex Questions? People Can’t Handle How Much This Guy’s Lawn Is On […]