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White House Easter Egg Roll Briefing

This is the Special East Wing Briefing For The White House Easter Egg Roll. If you’re here for the daily eye rolling, you want the West Wing Press Briefing. As you know, The President doesn’t like to hear talk about anything “going downhill,” or “wild hare,” but he has reluctantly agreed to host the annual […]


TRUMPO Phonetic Alphabet

The administration’s defense secretary said Trump may reduce America’s commitment to NATO. If that happens, it will trigger a change to the current NATO phonetic alphabet, [“R as in Roger”] in use for the past sixty years. The new official TRUMPO phonetic alphabet has leaked: A as in Anastasia B as in Buy Ivanka’s Strappy […]


Oprah Winfrey is joining 60 Minutes

Oprah Winfrey is joining 60 Minutes as a Special Correspondent. The network has leaked some promos from the upcoming season: 1. You get a subpoena! And you get a subpoena! Everybody gets a subpoena! [Audience cheers.] 2. Is this really cashmere? Or is it actually just two-ply angora? [Tick-tick-tick-tick.] 3. [Knocks on door of fancy […]


Procrastinators! You Can Still Move Away! Try Guam!

FYEO – Guam Chamber of Commerce Secret Plan For Attracting Residents From The Mainland With the Trump presidency a day away, time is running out to follow through on threats to leave the country. And while Canada’s Cape Breton Island welcome mat is inviting, that recent PBS show on coywolves mentioned the animals attacked and killed a man […]