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Other Surefire Ways to Get Kicked Out of CPAC

  Organizers for the Conservative Political Action Conference rescinded their speaking invitation to Milo Yiannopoulos after the conservative blogger made some shocking comments condoning relationships between children and men. This clearly crossed a line, as CPAC did not seem to have any issues with the controversial provocateur’s prior hateful attacks on feminism, racial minorities, or […]


Alternatives to Alternative Facts

The truth seems to be a fickle thing in the new White House, as Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway recently suggested there were “alternative facts” surrounding an innocuous story about the size of the crowd at the President’s inauguration. Many found this type of pivoting worrisome, as it opens the door for the White House […]


Pick-up Lines Overheard at the Trump Inauguration

Given President Trump’s notorious sexist comments about women, it wasn’t surprising to find several like-minded, machismo-fueled men scouring the inaugural events for a date. Here are some of the Pick-up Lines Overheard at the Trump Inauguration: How about coming back to my room for some Breitbart and chill? You’re like a great, great wall on […]