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TV Preview

Chillax, Inc. Thanks to an accounting mixup, a stoner teen from New Jersey suddenly finds himself in charge of sprawling South Korean heavy industry conglomerate. Filmed on location in Seoul. Stars Jesse Eisenberg as “Devonne”; Emma Stone is his Korean assistant. Thursdays on ABC.   Room and Boar! A new reality show filmed in picturesque […]


President Trump White House Tour

A first-person account by one lucky reporter It is a pretty neat thing to meet the president! First, let me tell you, you have to pass through a lot of security at the White House. Top flight men, one and all. But when you can flash a “WRITER” license like me, and you have an […]


GOP Primary Forecast

UPDATED FEBRUARY 23 As we head into the final stretch of the U.S. presidential election, the GOP race for the nomination has tightened. In order to help you sort out what’s news from what’s noise, here’s the official National Lampoon political projection for the upcoming months, taking into account polling data, news analysis, and our […]


Newly Leaked Hillary Emails Suggest She May Have Seen ‘Hamilton,’ Or Is Just Crazy

Original Message From:Huma Abedin <Huma@clintonemail.com> To: H <HDR22@clintonemail.com> Sent: Feb 18 07:42:11 2016 Subject: Meetings Hillary, getting urgent FBI request on turning over server data from December. How to respond? Original Message From: H <HDR22@clintonemail.com> To: Valmoro, Lona 1; Huma Abedin <Huma@clintonemail.com> Sent: Feb 18 09:11:02 2016 I’M HILLARY THESE SOFT THREATS PILLOWY THEY DON’T […]


Tip-Top Tips to Terminate a Trumper Tantrum

The world can be a scary place even without Donald Trump around. But with Donald Trump around? An ANGRY Donald Trump? And wait, he’s coming right at you? What a nightmare. So, Here’s 10 Tip-Top Tips to Terminate a Trumper Tantrum: 1. Make yourself as large as possible. Arms raised, chest puffed out, fingers splayed. […]


Hillary’s Top Secret E-Mails

After several months of furious work, hackers have managed to infiltrate Hillary’s email servers. We will release previously blocked emails to the public as we acquire them. +++++++++++++++++++++++   Original Message From: H <HDR22@clintonemail.com> To: Valmoro, Lona 1; Huma Abedin <Huma@clintonemail.com> Sent: Tues Sept 15 07:59:16 2015 Subject: Meetings You sure small group mtg today? Jim […]


Dear Donald

Donald Trump receives thousands of letters every week asking for his golden wisdom… Dear Donald: My Husband’s Affair is Killing Me Our marriage of six years was wonderful. I married my soul mate. Over the last year, he has been having an affair with his secretary and is quite blatant about it. When I found out, I […]


Things to Bet On In NY Now that FanDuel and DraftKings Are Shut Down

-300 Express subway train pulls away right as you get to the platform   Over/Under: 3.5 people on any given city bus who look like they’re dying in front of your eyes   +1200 A person on your bus dies right in front of your eyes   -130 Anti-Obama headline on nypost.com right now   […]


Pope’s Dope Robe Probed

Hey The Pope – just because you’re The Pope doesn’t mean you just get to swoop right through airport security. Here is a interactive map with a complete list of all the items TSA found in his robes after he landed at JFK airport. Hover over number for each found item. Technology!


Who Said It: Donald Trump or Bill the Butcher from “Gangs of New York”?

1. “You see this knife? I’m gonna teach you to speak English with this fucking knife!” 2. “I have a great relationship with the blacks. I’ve always had a great relationship with the blacks” 3. “What a great honor it must be for you to honor me tonight.” 4. “We are met at this chosen […]