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Exorcising the Penis Demons: Angry Vagina and Her Dating App (Part 4)

“Blessed are the Vaginas, for they will inherit the Shaft.” (Angry Vagina Psalm: 11-33.) ~~~ Dear Priestess of the Blessed Vagina, As you know, we have a fuzzy supernatural being in our lives. She excretes Holy Wine, begs you for Carbs of Christ, and commands you to perform penance for wrongdoings by giving her “Hail […]


How to be a Dick Without Having One: Angry Vagina and Her Dating App (Part 3)

 PUBLIC SERVICE DISCLAIMER TO ALL DISGRUNTLED “PENIS CUSTODIANS”: Dear Mr. DNA Dispenser, Due to Angry-Lonely-Penis backlash to previous entries on “The Adventures of Angry Vagina”, Angry V is compelled to remind you that she will not be contained. She gives no shits about ‘fitting inside your box’. Go fit yourself in her box. Namaste, Angry […]


Censored Sexy Pics: Angry Vagina and Her Dating App (Part 2)

Once upon a time, right about now, there is a legendary hero and her name is Angry Vagina. Like any self-respecting and noble Cave of Wonders, Angry V has always done her part to inspire cravings for salt, stockpile jewelry, and hide money. But it was never enough. Why am I really here? She wonders, […]


The Adventures of Angry Vagina and Her Dating App

Let me tell you a tale of a close friend of mine named Angry Vagina. One sexually frustrated day, she decides to join a mobile dating app against her better judgment. Dared to participate by a Penis Custodian friend of hers (technically not bangable because of “nobody’s fucking business”) she is unable to resist the […]