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James Comey’s Medications for the Recently Unemployed or Politically Compromised

Are you stressed? Worn out? Beaten down? Have recent events — creeping totalitarianism, the crumbling of democracy, the loss of your job — upgraded your nausea from mild to moderate? If you previously supported Trump, but recent events are starting to give you a lil’ tummyache, try one of James Comey’s Patented Medications for the […]


Trump’s Plans for a Canadian Border Wall

The Moat We’re going to build a great moat, a great moat, and we’re going to fill it with maple syrup. Nobody builds moats like me, folks. Nobody. And if I do a super-duper — and that’s a phrase Barron just taught me, “super-duper.” A lot of people don’t know this, but “super duper” is […]


Give Peas a Chance

ENOUGH! Alright, kids. Listen up. I’ve been listening to you whine and complain the entire evening, and I haven’t said a WORD until now, but enough is enough. No — no interruptions. I’ve had it up to here. You have all made your position on peas extremely clear. You do not like peas. You think […]


A Few More Statements About Black History Month from President Trump

Black Cats A lot of great cats out there, folks. White cats, very nice. Black cats — during this campaign, I met a lot of black cats I wasn’t so familiar with. And I said — some of them are just like regular cats. Just like them! A lot of people don’t know that. Blackjack […]