Most Common Tattoos Spotted at the Trump Inauguration

Demonic/zombie bald eagle with dead dove in it’s mouth: 174

Rebel flag as Superman’s cape: 238

Jesus as crying Native American as passing car throws out an aborted fetus as litter: 105

Sad angel standing at Dale Earnhardt’s grave: 78

Smiling Jesus using rebel flag as a parachute: 156

Klu Klux Klan couple holding KKK baby; caption of “Planned: Parents In Hoods”: 59

Scott Baio as Chachi, wearing Fonzi’s leather jacket and giving the thumbs up; caption of “NRAaaaayyyyy”: 168

Lower-back Trump Stamp: 870

Written by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

Ain’t It Cool News said of Kit, “If Gary Larson is Bill Cosby, then Kit is Richard Pryor.” That’s a great quote, right? Man, I love that quote! That was, until Bill Cosby turned out to be a deplorable serial rapist. Now the quote isn’t worth shit, even though my name isn’t linked directly to Cosby’s! Thanks a lot Bill, you jackass. Not only have you ruined dozens of lives with your rapey ways, but you’ve ruined a perfectly good quote as well. I hope you rot in Hell, you scumbag.
Anyway, Kit’s cartoons have been published by lots of humor magazines, etc. etc. yadda yadda. (sigh)….