The President Trump Coffee Table Book — Get It Today!

The valor. The prestige. The endless parade of tanks and missile launchers rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue. These are but a few of the visions that come to mind when we Americans look back on Donald Trump’s historic first term as our beloved Commander-in-Chief. Throughout every day of his administration, the President has improved the lives of ordinary citizens and restored the glorious legacy of the United States at home and abroad.


And now you, too, can own a piece of this esteemed history with the new coffee table book, Great Again: Selected Photos and Writings from the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, Volume I. With vivid pictorial accounts that practically leap at you from the page, Great Again commemorates the most celebrated moments of President Trump’s first term in office, from the unprecedented crowds of supporters who traveled across the country to witness his inauguration – coursing through the streets of Washington such that, according to later reports, it devastated the city’s already pathetic infrastructure – to Vice President Mike Pence’s remarkable tie-breaking vote in the Senate, confirming then-nominee Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Private School Admissions and Christian Indoctrination—And that’s just the first chapter!


This bound, hardcover collection contains over 800 photographs, as well as reproductions of almost 400 rare, many never-before-seen documents, providing readers with a rare glimpse into Donald Trump’s White House. Learn all about the closed-door planning meetings for Trump’s newly dedicated Washington Mall memorial and casino for the victims of the Carson City Massacre, the tragic 2010 terrorist attack that occurred under the careless watch of the Obama administration and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. We can never forget. Read Steve Bannon’s very own journal entries from when he helped orchestrate the famous series of agreements between real-estate consortiums and local police unions, a partnership which finally revitalized America’s inner-cities. What were once blighted urban areas are now thriving communities of young professionals. And, for the first time, see the actual message Sean Spicer left in his own blood on the Press Briefing Room wall, only hours before he left public life forever.


Whether you’re a history buff or simply a proud American citizen, Great Again: Selected Photos and Writings from the Presidency of Donald J. Trump, Volume I is just the retrospective you’ve been waiting for. This sure-to-be bestseller, fit to adorn any coffee table or altar, stands as a time capsule of a daring age of change and a promise of a brighter tomorrow. The events of the past four years we’ve all come to cherish most are captured in a striking presentness, all thanks to this collection. And, much like the presidency of Donald Trump himself, these memories will last for decades to come.


Available now from Books by Ivanka, the only publisher legally allowed to operate.

Written by Andy Newton

Andy Newton

Andy Newton is a writer living in Astoria, Queens. His work has been published by National Lampoon and McSweeney’s.