The Upcoming Calendar Of Mr. Kenneth Bone

Ken Bone cares about America. If you think he’s just at the Town Hall for undecided voters, you may be wrong. The nicest man in America is also one of the busiest! Here’s a peek at his upcoming calendar.


10/20 @ 5:25-5:35 PM: Office Fire Safety Demonstration **please note: Ken Bone, Fire Safety Captain!! Finally!!

10/21 @ 4:46 AM: Youtube binge beginning with “Turtleneck And Chains”

10/22 @ 7:45 PM: Hall Monitors Of West Haven High Reunion ** Must Arrive In Orderly Fashion

10/23 @ 8:00 AM: Starbucks: Deciding The Hits We Pipe In

10/24 @ 2:30 PM: Disneyland Parks’ Rollercoaster Safety Demonstration

10/25 @ 4:45 PM-5:25PM: Choosing Wisely: A Guide To Halloween Costume Safety And Appropriate Snacks

10/26 @ 2:30 PM: Annual TJ Maxx talkback **will request to bring up “itchyness” on sweater issue from 2014

10/27 @ 8:20 AM: Crossing Guard Relief (just bringing water and snacks)

10/28 @ 10:00 AM: Chestnut Community Players Present: Safe Sex And You: This Banana Got It Right, And So Should You!

10/29 @ 5:30 AM: Thank you card writing to the elderly followed by our weekly “Juice ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em” Lemonade Fiesta

10/30 @ 5:15 PM: AA Meeting (just bringing water and snacks)

10/31 @ 5:15 AM: Walking neighbor’s dog so she gets more shut eye

10/31 @ 6:00 PM: Taking Kids Treat Or Treating

11/1 @ 5:00 AM: Birthday / All Saints Day

Written by Bridget Fitzgerald

Bridget Fitzgerald

Bridget Fitzgerald is your newest fave 1/2 Peruvian actress-model-comedienne! With over 1/4 million views as upbeat, lovable SmileyBridge @ Vid.me/smileybridge, Lifetime & Time Warner pilot leads, plus supporting roles in upcoming films “Reality Queen!” (Denise Richards, Mike Tyson) and “Joe’s War” (Ed Asner, Armand Assante), there’s always something she can do to make you smile. Say hi on twitter @SmileyBridge! And, remember: all those hot people in ads? They’re smiling at you. :)