Trump’s Other Changes To The White House Website

Trump wasn’t in office for even a day when he made several notable changes to the White House website, including removing any references to global warming, as well as info about Melania-made jewely (sadly, not a joke).

What can we expect next? And why does it matter, since most Trump supporters don’t know how to use a computer?

Regardless, we’ll probably soon see these…

Trump’s Other Changes To The White House Website

Instructions on how to correctly place a woman into a body of water in order to see if she’s a witch or not.

Accessing the White House website now requires a $14.95 per month fee (which does admittedly also entitle the user to several photo galleries of nude Melania).

All the latest info on local Monster Truck rallies, spitting contests and job openings for convicted sex offenders.

Much larger print, and no words that are more complicated than the vocabulary of a below-average third grader.

White House website fact checkers have now all either been fired, or are now working in the kitchen.

Links to pornography sites for white supremacists (highly recommend the Klu Klux Klams site).

Pages of US humanitarian effort videos replaced by Celebrity Apprentice bloopers.

Fun, realistic novelty gun license that you can print out on your computer at home! (or have a friend / enabler show you how to do it if you don’t own a computer)

Written by Kit Lively

Kit Lively

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