Upcoming Movie Crossovers

Let’s face facts, Hollywood is running out of ideas. Well, not Hollywood itself because, obviously, places can’t have ideas. But the people there — specifically the ones who make movies and stuff — they’re running out of ideas. Remakes and crossovers — even remakes of crossovers — are seemingly the way of the future. Though, to be fair, some franchises are in desperate need of rejuvenation and could benefit from a change or two (John McClane is looking more like John McCain at this point). Based on nothing but pure speculation, here are a few movies that are probably coming soon to some kind of screen near you.


“Bumble in the Bronx”

“The Lord of the Ring”

“Die Hard with a Chance of Meatballs”


“Ariana & the Chipmunks”

“The Three Scrooges”

“The Friday Before Halloween”

“Aliens in Jurassic Park”

“Star Wars Trek”

“Dark Tracy”

Written by Tony Alpsen

Tony Alpsen guesses you could say he’s a humorist. In addition to National Lampoon, he’s also written for Cracked, and currently publishes a webcomic called Ying & Yan over at yingandyan.com and tapastic.com/series/yingandyan.